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One-View Access & Advanced Analytics Of Your Holdings Across Asset Classes

Key Features

Asset & product-wise portfolio summary

Track your portfolio performance, asset & product-wise, across time horizons

Holistic investments in one view

Get an overall performance snapshot of your MOSL and non-MOSL holdings along with our expert views on the same

Advanced profit & loss report

Customizable profit & loss report for your MOSL & non-MOSL investments that provides you long term, short term and speculative gains/losses

Set customized alerts GUEST ACCESS

Set customized alerts on stocks, new research reports or new recommendations and choose how you want to be notified, via SMS or Email

Holding report with LIVE rates

Get simplified information on all your investments with the Advanced Holding report providing you LIVE rates on your investments

Portfolio Restructuring GUEST ACCESS

Instant portfolio restructuring for your Equity & MF holdings with model portfolios and benchmark comparisons

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