ACE - Advice on combination of Equities

Professional investment strategies for long term wealth creation with real time monitoring

ACE Cash – Key Highlights

ACE Cash is an Algo based portfolio which aims to deliver superior returns by recommending an exclusive basket of growth oriented stocks.

  • Minimum investment of Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • Apt for retail investors with medium to high risk appetite
  • Generates higher returns over long term (1-3 years) horizon with no lock in period
  • Amount invested in 4 installments based on appropriate market timing without any emotional bias
  • Optimal asset allocation mix with the perfect combination of large cap and mid cap stocks
  • Effective use of liquid bees to make your money work round-the-clock
  • Complete transparency with power of discretion to act upon every recommendation

ACE Derivatives – Key Highlights:

ACE Derivatives is a pre-packaged algo based portfolio ideal for investors who are looking to have higher exposure and generate favorable returns with an investment horizon of 1-3 years.

  • Corpus is divided across 5-10 stocks from Nifty Basket
  • Minimum investment of Rs. 15 Lakhs
  • Positions are taken in contracts across 5-10 stocks from Nifty Basket
  • Portfolio hedging with use of options to hedge your risk optimally
  • Only buying of future contracts, no short selling
  • Complete transparency with Power of discretion to act upon every recommendation
  • Real time tracking dashboard to track the progress of your portfolio anytime