Portfolio Restructure

Your 24x7 Wealth Manager!

Key Benefits

  • Personalized insights on your portfolio
  • Opportunity for lowering risk and increasing return in each asset class
  • Available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil for your convenience
  • Option to convert your portfolio with better quality holdings for higher returns

Key Features

Overall Portfolio Snapshot and portfolio analysis

mutual fund investment software
  • Comprehensive view of portfolio including holdings and sectors in each asset class
  • View gain/loss for each asset class with details on short term and long term gain/loss

In-depth Analysis of Equity, Mutual Fund, PMS Portfolio

invest in equity market
  • Displays opportunity to lower your risk and increase your return or improve overall risk return ratio
  • Personalised insights on asset/sector wise performance

Detailed Equity, Mutual Fund and PMS Recommendations

Long Term Equity Fund
  • Get recommendations on each holding in equity, Mutual Fund, PMS
  • Algo based recalculation and recommendations post removal of any scheme
  • Get rationale for each recommendations upfront
  • Reallocation to scheme type based on existing holding-Growth / Div Reinvestment / Payout / Debt scheme / etc
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