What is School of Trading, Investment & Research (STIR)

At Motilal Oswal’s School for Trading & Investing Research (STIR) we’re dedicated to train you towards becoming a professional trader through a unique methodology of Solid Knowledge, Solid Education & Solid Technology to help you make the most out of your investments.

What’s unique about STIR?

  • Industry’s finest coaches having over years of market experience
  • Innovative & personalized coaching model
  • Interactive workshops
  • LIVE trading with our trading platforms & actual money

What our FREE workshop offers?

  • Psychology of a professional Trader / Investor
  • Why do 90% traders lose money?
  • Why are you not making money?
  • If you’re making money, then why not in abundance?
  • How to study price?
  • Moving from ‘Novice to Professional’
  • Risk Management and Rule based trading
  • Introduction to “The 10 steps towards disciplined & professional trading/investing

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Client Speak

Ramakrishnan N A

STIR has not only started helping me in understanding the market from a different & correct perspective, it has helped me move up the grade in my trade. It has also opened my eyes to the possibility of a bright future with lot many options.

06-05-15 MUMBAI


6 Days trading class benefited a lot & I started to trade from the 4th day itself & I made profits too. More practice will surely benefit me.

06-05-15 MUMBAI

C K Verma

“This course is well- designed & well delivered. STIR has simplified Trading for me.”

06-05-15 MUMBAI

Bharat Nanavaty

Being instructed by seasoned professionals is a great experience at STIR. Some people feel that making money must be very difficult in trading and hence try to complicate things more only to assure themselves about their actions. But STIR helped me see that has all you need is a simple and strong logic to trading every day in the market. STIR systematically removes the fear and greed in traders, so that they can focus more on making the right decisions.

06-05-15 MUMBAI